Dual Language Educational Apps: A Co-Design Project with Deaf Children

Hearing children have a multitude of sound-supported educational software products available both at home and at school to enhance learning. In contrast, there are few accessible interactive educational products to support learning for deaf children. Researchers at the Minerva Deaf Research Lab are designing some fun, interactive translational products that use Avatar and robotic technology to embed signed language and print skills practice within a technology enhanced digital games environment. 

Our games are being developed with deaf children as co-design partners. The practice of co-design allows users to become an active part of the creative development of a product by interacting directly with the developers to inform design and innovation direction.

We extend a sincere THANK YOU to the students and staff at the Alberta School for the Deaf for their valuable input to date.  “Hands Waving” to the co-design team!

With further development, these learning tools will provide educators with much needed resources to support the language and literacy development of their students. We will continue to seek external funding to move this project forward.

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